Saturday, 20 December 2014

Saturday Prat Chat!

Yay, its back. Saturday chit chat - more of the prat later.  Its been a while I know. We've been a tad busy with the lead up to Xmas. Well on the exercise front (after last weeks no show due to flu like symptoms) - I did a hill walk with various items loaded in my backpack following my trip to Sainsbury's at the top of the hill and then 40 lengths on Wednesday. So not bad, not bad.  I didn't quite make my 14lbs before xmas but its 11lbs so will take that. Now the fun part of trying to keep it off next week and continue into the New Year.

So, we've had a great few weeks. We saw Paddington Bear, went up to Covent Garden to see the wonderful Santa Lego creation, the British Transport Museum (I could spend an absolute fortune in their gift shop!), Trafalgar Square street artists and then through the little winter wonderland at Trafalgar Square.  I also managed to get my hair cut in a Madonna circa 1980's style - this was not my intention. I went in asking for a a little bit off (I'm thinking 4 inches) and my trusted hairdresser lobbed off about 8 inches. That's probably a conservative estimate. Not content with this she gave me a 'lob' i.e it chopped very short at the back. Urgh. So now I have a sort of bob - luckily its well past my ear lobes and if I pull the front down it does sit on my shoulders.  I was slightly traumatised for a couple of days but am now over myself.  I don't live in Syria. Its a hair cut and it will grow. The only bonus to my retro haircut is it does make me look younger - or so I'm told!

Here are a few pics from the last week...

Santa's lego presents! Kids loved this and it wasn't busy 

Beautiful Covent Garden

Trafalgar Square in all its winter glory
Paddington in Trafalgar Square - we also saw the gold one in Leicester Square
I have been trying to get a pic of my hair but its taken me about 30 minutes of faffing and to no avail. I am such a luddite.  Speaking of which something horrific happened to me yesterday. I don't mind facebook. Although not this timehop thing -seriously not only do we update a status you can now see what our status was 4 years ago incase you missed it and you can comment on it again! The world has gone mad hasn't it. Only the other day I witnessed a dad talking on his phone whilst his son headbutted a wall. It was a proper thump like possible minor injuries. The dad rubbed his head whilst still on the phone. He did not even finish his call and  he got the child to speak into his phone to tell the person why he was crying.  I try and switch off my phone every evening at 8.30 pm and I make sure I'm not scrolling through when the kids are chatting. Next year, I think I'm going to limit it even further.

I digress. I rarely go on twitter. I used to when I was really into my blogging but really can't see the point of documenting what you're thinking etc. I don't by and large follow celebrities but for some mad reason I decided to follow Russell Brand after he appeared on Question Time.  I also unwittingly 'followed' (it could have been buddy but now I think it was that stupid 'other people you may wish to follow') someone I would never in a million years wish to follow. I have never really typed about the reasons why - they know that I know what they did. Enough said. Oh er cryptic ain't it in my best Russell Brand voice. Thankfully it was unfollowed at the same time (I'm assuming it was seriously have no idea! #wails #WTF! Has that ever happened to you?  I remember asking a mum from school on how she'd found me on twitter and she said it came up on her who to follow. Well, who to follow - you have a lot to answer for! Its dangerous out there people. Be safe.

In other jolly news, my wonderful friend Cath (you know what I'm talking about above luv!) sent me a la surprise Mickey O'Flanagan's DVD. What a wonderful and thoughtful surprise. She was aware I was so disappointed I hadn't seen the Tour of France he did. I am delighted with it thank you!!

Finally, we saw the big man today at the garden centre. We have been to many Santa's over the years but this garden centre always comes up trumps. You don't have to queue long and the kids get a lovely xmas tree and coins. My son who is nearly 11 still believes in the big man but was less than impressed with seeing an 'imposter'. Fair point - why see one of his santa stand ins. Well, having questionned him about the nice/naughty list etc he's just said to me he thought that was the real Santa!

And on that note I wish you all a wonderful weekend. I have a fabulous quest post coming up - another success story on cutting calories. We are off out on a date night to see Frank Skinner tonight - hope he's funny.

Until next time.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Sunday Chit Chat

Well hello folks its been a little while. This time of year gets a little crazy doesn't it? So I haven't been blogging as much as I would like.  On the diet front I've lost a total of 10lbs since I kicked my arse into gear but I only lost 1lb in two weeks (the two that have just been). Still, its okay even though I did put on this weight! The best thing about the past 3 weeks is that I've managed to exercise at least 3 times. Last week it was 4 times.

I feel so much better for it and have been very determined this month what with it being December its very easy to feel sluggish and just yuk and I don't want to feel like that.  I have been doing my hill walk on a Monday, swimming 40 x lengths on a Wednesday and another hill walk on a Friday. This week I also did a 30 minute kettle bell workout on a Tuesday.  I plan to do the same this week. So I am entering my 4th week of consistent exercise. I know I'll be able to do the same the week before Xmas even factoring in the kids Christmas Carol Concerts.  Naturally Xmas week won't be as easy as we have family over on the Monday, London on the Tuesday, preparation on Christmas Eve and then, of course, Christmas Day but I could get out or exercise during the latter part of that week.  Its all in the planning.  I am trying to keep in mind the last book I read on 'what's your excuse' i.e how far back do I want to set myself over the Xmas period? The answer to that would be no set backs at all if you please!

Poppy box arrived 

Hubster made a stand

I particularly enjoy my swim on a Wednesday it clears my mind of all the chatter and also focuses my mind on my Xmas 'to do' list. It energizes, relaxes and works me out all in one go!

In other tittle tattle news. Our poppy arrived this week. Its lovely - my husband made a stand for it. It takes pride of place in our living room. I made a gingerbread house for the school fair - I'll do a 'how to guide shortly'.  My eldest son and I made some rather scrummy mince pies this afternoon. I like all the Xmas baking we do together. My daughter and I made our Xmas cake a few weeks ago. Next week it'll be the spiced muffins and Xmas jumper biscuits for the teachers with some left overs for us.

This year's gingerbread creation
Tonight its Xmas card writing and this week I'll need to make a start on the dreaded wrapping. I read a top tip the other day - use an ironing board to wrap your presents. I'm going to give it a whirl.  I also need to go booze shopping this week and then the last bits and pieces will be next week. Not sure when our decs will go up - we've ordered another artificial tree for our front room as we need a tall thin one otherwise no one will be able to watch any telly. I reckon it'll be a week before Xmas Eve - that would give us 2 weeks up with the decs plenty of time.

Couldn't leave this fella behind 

Oh I nearly forgot - the Lego advent calendars I purchased for the kids are going down a storm. I thought they might be a one off but it appears we must get them next year as well.

I think my son's mince pies on the left are far superior!

I am waffling now - this blog is my little to do list isn't it. I also got a refund for my phone (again another blog post) that took 3 weeks to repair (badly) as opposed to 3-5 days as they claimed. Hooray for paypal that's what I say!

There is so much that is wrong with this quote - I couldn't even get beyond the title! 
Okay that's my news in a nutshell. I have a few blog posts in the pipeline - sexy at 74! Good god. Why a grand jury can't convict a police officer murdering a black man whilst watching a video of a white police officer murdering a black man and fair weather friends. That should keep me going for a good while!

Be back soon..

Well it wouldn't be Xmas with a bit of Fanny now would it! Thanks to my friend Claire for sending me this! 

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Pass me my chocolate orange trophy

Hello folks - I will do a chit chat post shortly but in the meantime I am very excited to hand over The 1970s Diet blog to Rachel who blogs at The Ordinary Lovely. I am sooooo impressed with her before and after pictures and a tad jealous!! I wish I could inspire myself this well! Having said this, Rachel has made me believe even more so that consuming 1400 calories and exercising is proof that's all you need to do to lose weight. She has lost an impressive amount of weight and inches in 3 months.  I shall hand you over as I'm about to fit in 30 minutes kettlebell workout and I'm also going to be taking some new snaps...

It’s been three months to the day since I decided that I needed to be rid of my jelly belly by Christmas. Three months to the day that I set my sights on being nine stone something by the end of the year. I’d reached a point in time whereby I was sick of having to breathe in to do up my size 14 jeans and was in danger of my size 16 tops popping open. At only 5 foot 4 and weighing 11 stone, I felt somewhat dumpy and very, very round.

I’ve been saying for a few years that I wanted to lose a few pounds but due to a horrendously sweet tooth, the scales seemed to be heading the wrong direction. With a nudge from my husband to start running and a recommendation from Natasha to use MyFitnessPal a to record all of my meals/snacks/drinks, I was determined to give it my best shot this time around.

Since I posted my last update, I’ve continued to run a couple of times a week. With it now being so dark in the mornings and early evenings, I’m thinking about joining a gym on a month by month basis. I’m still really keen to exercise but not so keen on pounding the pavement by myself with only torch light for company. I’d prefer to be outdoors but a running machine might be a safer option over the winter months.

Eating-wise, I’m consuming around 1,300 – 1,400 calories a day with perhaps one day a week where it sneaks up to around 1,700. Oddly enough, on the days where I do eat a higher amount, it feels like I’ve eaten a lot where in truth, this is still a lot less than what I would have eaten before starting this healthier lifestyle regime. I guess my brain has been rewired slightly.

For my 1,400 calories, I get to eat three meals a day, a snack, the odd small bar of Kinder chocolate and a couple of cups of tea or coffee. Very rarely do I feel like I’m missing out. I’ve learnt to make better choices about food and opt for what’s good for me and what will fill me up rather than what I fancy. I’m learning to see food as fuel rather than a treat. This has had quite an impact on our shopping bill too. We’re spending an awful lot less now.

It’s worth mentioning that while I’m not tea total, it’s highly unusual for me to have more than a couple of alcoholic drinks a month. In fact, in the past three months, I’ve drunk just one beer and half a glass of prosecco. If you want to try a similar lifestyle to mine, I really struggle to see how you can maintain a healthy but low calorie diet that includes a few glasses of wine a week. I’m sure it’s possible because many do it but I can only imagine that it’s quite difficult.

So three months in, here’s how the measurements stack up:

Weight: 9 stone 7 (was 11 stone) – loss of 21 pounds
Waist: 34 inches (was 38 inches) – loss of 4 inches
Chest: 39 inches (was 42 inches) – loss of 3 inches
Bottom: 37 inches (was 40 inches) – loss of 3 inches
Thighs: 20 inches (was 21 inches) – loss of 1 inch
Before taking these measurements, I knew I’d lost of a bit of weight but I honestly hadn’t realized how much and exactly where it had come from. I took these after photos at the weekend and had the shock of my life. I keep looking at them because I can’t quite get over the difference (I’m still not great at taking selfies, sorry).

I feel healthier and I feel fitter.  I was over the moon to weight nine stone something but nine and a half stone is like a dream come true. Now I can look in my wardrobe and say ‘nothing fits’ but for all the right reasons. Today, I bought a pair of size 12 jeans and they fit perfectly. No muffin top to speak of. I could have cried.

If you’re sitting at home reading this and really want to get fitter and lose a bit of weight, my only advice would be to start right now. I kept saying ‘after Christmas’, ‘after my birthday’, ‘in time to go on holiday’ but if you start today, you could even make a difference come Christmas. Maybe it would be just a few pounds, maybe it would be being able to run for ten minutes rather than five, but it would be a good difference. It’s so easy to put things off but don’t underestimate how fantastic you’ll feel when you see those scales heading in the right direction and your jeans fastening up without winding yourself.

As always, if you have any questions, just pop them in the comments box and I’ll be happy to answer them.

Go girl!!! You look amazing. Thank's so much for this blog post. I am positive that this has inspired many to JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Review of the Breville Halo health fryer

I was very excited to be given this bad boy to review on the blog. If you know me then you know I just love a kitchen gadget. I'm not going to lie my kitchen is huge - well I'm sure there are plenty that are bigger than mine but its big enough for me. Bigger than your average kitchen then. My cousin once remarked that its so big I have to have two kitchen roll holders.  The benefits of having a handyman husband type. Anyhow, in my said kitchen I have lots of cake baking paraphernalia, coffee machines, my beloved kitchen aid and lots of gadgets.  I have accumulated lots of kitchen stuff over the years.  Its normally the first thing I think of when someone asks what I would like for my birthday/Xmas. I have asked for a rice cooker this year - proper hard core!

Breville Halo Health Fryer. I took this picture prior to breaking my iphone - another blog post entirely 
Anyhow, back to the review.  My husband is northern. He likes chips. Thing is he doesn't get the deep fat fried ones that he dreams of. In fact, he said to me upon the arrival of my Halo that I made him chuck out his deep fat fryer when we got together.  So he is as excited as any man can be over a kitchen gadget.  I haven't, as yet, tried out the chips but I shall come back and tell you how I got on. Some reviews have said the paddle gets stuck but I didn't find this to be the case when we made churros.

A vintage deep fat fryer!! We've come a long way
Or as we like to call them chichi's instead.  We love a chichi when we go on holiday to France. Essentially they're a long doughnut minus the jam. They warm the cockles of your heart - only thing is they are incredibly fattening. Enter Mr Halo.  

I piped pieces of churros about 6 inches long. I think this was just about the right size for the fryer. There is a paddle that kept the churros moving so you don't have to turn it or anything. You just let it do its thing.  I set the timer for 12 minutes and whilst they weren't as crunchy as the ones that are deep fried they weren't as greasy either.  I have to say they came out a treat and my daughter was thrilled with them. My children said they tasted just as good as the ones in France. It does look very space age so 10/10 for design. I would ordinarily have pictures but as mentioned above I dropped my iphone and we couldn't find our normal camera. In any event, we were too busy watching the halo in action. I will post pictures when we make chips. We were mesmerised watching them turn around - it lights up and everything. 

The Halo has many features - it can do just about anything - bake, grill, roast etc.  It looks good and the price is reasonable (just over £100 on Amazon at the moment). I called this a gadget intially but it could easily become a regular staple in the kitchen.  I have friends who are at a certain slimming club and this would make an excellent gift for them.  They could eat an unlimited amount of chips!

The only downside I can see is the size. Its not a problem for me in my kitchen as I have lots of work surface and cupboards but if you have a small kitchen it would take up a fair bit of space. Having said this, if you are using it on a daily basis then its not a problem.  

To see the halo in action and all the various things you can cook with it check out this you tube clip. You can also check out all the particulars on the Breville website.

In any event, it got a thumbs up from us and the kids can't wait to try something else out at the weekend. A great Christmas present for those embarking on another diet in January!

I was given the Breville Halo Fryer to test out free of charge in exchange for an honest review on my blog. All my reviews are honest as you would come to expect from The 1970s Diet 

Saturday, 22 November 2014

What's Your Excuse for Not Getting Fit?

Is the second book that Joanne Henson has kindly given me to review. Much like the other "what's your excuse" book on not eating healthily it lists all manner of excuses. When I say book - its not going to take you ages to read and that's very appealing.  It acts as a quick guide also.  I immediately liked it when she talks about living in the UK.  In a nutshell she explained that if you live in the UK and you're not getting in a workout because of the weather then that's a whole  lot of exercise you're missing out on.  Simple but so true and really no one should be surprised when it rains in this country when it gets cold, windy or snows. We live in the UK!

What I like about her writing is that these sort of no nonsense statements really do stick in your mind. You might not take them all on board but I guarantee they'll be something that will really resonate with you.  For me it was the weather and also about being motivated. Something I have banged on about before - not being motivated to get back into a regular exercise routine in the winter months. Actually come to think of it I didn't for the duration of the school summer holidays. I can't even use the excuse of the weather for that one. I have always been motivated to exercise and from a very early age. For some reason there was a shift this year.

Anyhow, she talks of things that you are not 'motivated' to do i.e cleaning the toilet, getting up for work, the school run, the weekly food shop but you just do it because it needs to be done. You don't tend to think too much about it you just switch to auto pilot.  If you apply that to exercise then you will workout and even if you don't feel motivated you can certainly act motivated. Pretend you're really motivated to go for a hill walk in the rain and you will do it.

I have to say it really worked. On Monday, I decided to do my hill walk with Ipod irrespective of the weather. Sure enough Monday was dull, bleak with the added bonus of a bit of drizzle but I just thought about all the exercise I will miss if I don't just get out and do it.

I haven't been swimming for ages - again its getting colder etc but why should that really affect my attitude to going for a swim? Its not cold in the changing rooms, its not cold in the pool once I get my heart rate up and its a safe environment to work out it. I don't have dice with death with London buses like I do with cycling. The thing is I tend to hear other people's voices when I think about swimming "oh I don't like it in this weather - getting wet and especially my hair". Well, on Wednesday I put that all to one side and just went swimming. I am pleased to say I completed 40 lengths in about 40 minutes. Not as much as I used to do but a significant amount seeing as I haven't been since the summer.

Now on Friday, again, it was forecast for rain but with the UK statement firmly embedded in my brain I met a friend and, again, power walked (much faster with this friend as she set a good pace) along a hilly route. So I managed to get my heart rate up 3 x this week when it would have been far easier not to bother.  This is a massive improvement.

In other news, its my birthday tomorrow! Dah dah dah. We may or may not go to London depending on the weather. Exercise is one thing - 3 children in tow is another.  So we shall see.

How fab is the deco here - coming to a kitchen near me soon. I already have the chairs but in cream and blue piping but I would love to have a booth and totally redesign my kitchen.
I had a lovely lunch date in the week with my oldie bestie friend. We went to a lovely diner and I did have a cheeseburger (which was very fresh) with the trimmings. To compensate that I had no starter or desert and had soup for my dinner.  I didn't lose any weight this week which I'm okay with as its still 9lbs and I still have time before Xmas.

Here's Cath looking the picture of health - you can read her blog oh marvellous to see why a healthy lifestyle is so important to her.  We have waited 10 years for lunch without buggies and what not - did we feel guilty? Not a chance! 
Have a great weekend!

I was given a copy of the above book for free in exchange for a review. I always try and review things that are relevant to my blog (unless of course its something really extravagant and I just wnat it!) My review is, as always, brutally honest as you would come to expect

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Saturday Chit Chat

Howdy people. My weigh in day has changed to Thursday - I'm not sure how that happened but there you have it. Anyhow, I lost 1lb - so that's 8lbs since I whipped my fat arse (not in the same oiled up league as Kim Kardashian I'm afraid!) into gear.

I do feel a bit sluggish though and not as toned as I used to be.  My boot camp has been cancelled indefinitely which is a real pain as I really loved it. I feel the suffering I experienced for nearly a week after my sessions was fruitless. However, I have just received another book to review by Joanne and its called what's your excuse for not getting fit. I had a little flick through and I like it already. She refers to living in the UK and it rains - get over it! So if you don't exercise when its raining then you're missing out on a whole load of exercise. So true. I will do a proper review soon.  I have only been doing a power walk once a week recently which isn't enough and I really feel it.

So the plan, from Monday, is to do at least three of the following 1) hill walk, 2) bike ride, 3) swim, 4) kettlebells, 5) pilates and 6) Wii or one of my fitness xbox games.  Remember when I used to do those?  I do believe I was slimmer mmmm.

Turning to other tittle tattle - I loved the Sainsbury's advert although I don't know what Paul McCartney would have to say about it. I am, of course, referring to the Pipes of Peace he released one Christmas. But I suppose how else do you depict the scene of the British and German's having a knock around on Christmas Day? I love the Pipes of Peace - maybe he could re-release it?  I hadn't seen the John Lewis advert so I had a gander and I'm sorry but it was a bit pathetic wasn't it. Total commercialism with the penguin and all. I do believe you can now buy it for a stupid amount on ebay - urgh people please.  Besides I've never been a fan of kids having a special toy - bit like friends - love them all. Also saves a lot of pain and heartache if you lose it.

Speaking of all things war related - my husband is such a love. I don't normally gush about him as I always cringe at personal shit like that on facebook and the like.  Anyhow, following on from watching the Royal British Legion remembrance concert last Saturday - I was wondering exactly where my grandad was fighting in WWII.  I knew he served in Italy and then after he was based in Palestine - which he said was actually far more scary. I can believe it. Least if you are fighting a war you can defend yourself but if you are keeping the peace in a war torn country its quite a different and very difficult situation to be in.

The Gothic Line - pic google

In any event, the husband ordered a book on the 3rd Battalion Grenadier Guards and an officers account of this battalion told us what my grandad was doing during 1944 (he was posted then when he had just turned 18). Turns out he would have been dropped off in Naples and worked his way up to the northern part of Italy and 'The Gothic Line'. We read first hand accounts by an officer. In particular that they ate their Christmas Day dinner 4 days late and heard the Germans singing O Tannenbaum. So when I saw the Sainsbury's advert it did bring a tear to my eye.

My husband found out he fought the SS and the German Paras - they were also known (a tad unfairly) as the D-Day Dodgers as they hadn't fought on the beaches of Normandy.  My grandad had in his possession an SS lugar pistol which is worth a small fortune now - sadly my dad decided to swap this for some football cards when he was younger!! Ahhhh.  A decorated Lugar is worth up to £40,000 now. Oh well, maybe we'll have our Del boy moment another day.

Made out of bronze these were given to the families - it is quite something to still have one in the family. Picture ebay
I also found out that my Auntie has my Great, Great Uncle's Dead Man's Penny (these were given to the families of the fallen in WWI). I was delighted to hear this as I had been trying to find one on ebay. By all accounts its in my cousin's house - her son is currently the custodian of it. He is 9 and I would love to bribe him with some X-box games to do a swap but I shall console myself with the fact we have it in the family and that's the main thing.  Besides, my husband had actually ordered a dead man's penny with another person's name on it. His intention was to get in embossed with my Great, Great Uncle's name. In fact, he purchased three for all our ancestors. Trouble is we can't do it! It doesn't seem right somehow. My son said "you can't erase the dead mans name!" I think he may have a point.

So that's all my chit chat for Saturday. I'm loving these cosy nights in and I have managed to do all my Christmas shopping online. No squealing was involved. I've also ordered the turkey from the local butchers.  Next week (Sunday) to be precise is my birthday - we're hoping to take the kids to London or see Paddington Bear at the cinema. Perfect!

See you soon

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

What's Your Excuse for Not Eating Healthily?

Is a wonderful book I was given recently to review and I'm so glad I came across the author by chance on Twitter.

Joanne Henson is a lifestyle coach and has self published her own book on all the excuses that people come up with when it comes to dieting. And what an exhaustive and exhausting list it is too!  My goodness, they're all in there. What I love about this book is the matter of fact answer to every single one of them! I will definitely be using it as a reference guide when I start trying to come up with my own excuses. After a while you think if only we put as much effort into eating the right foods than the excuses we manage to muster up life would be so much simpler.

Much of what Joanne writes about I totally agree with and have written about here on my blog. In particular that diet clubs simply do not work. She gives an example of one of her clients who said its the only thing that works! Clearly not.  Also Christmas - don't get me started on Christmas. I know of someone that put up their tree on Remembrance Sunday. Could the world get anymore messed up!? In bad taste doesn't even come close.

Never mind about remembering the lives that were lost and the impact of the lost generation - lets just buy stuff like Christmas jumpers and put up countdowns on 'how many sleeps' it is till the big day.  Urgh why is everyone so infantile? We're not a patch on the fallen generation even my grandparents were far more humble and tasteful when it came to Christmas. Sorry back to the book.

Yes, Joanne quite rightly points out that you can buy a Christmas calorie busting coffee at the beginning of November. So Christmas isn't (not for a long time) about Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing day - the treats start in November.  The best line in the book says "you're not a dog!" when it comes to a 'treat'. This really made me laugh and is so true.  We don't need food rewards!

She talks about people who say they always have a big breakfast on a Saturday etc and makes the point that if you've always done the same thing expect the same results. You have to change the things you've always done as clearly its not working.

I also liked how people who say they're a 'chocoholic' wear it like a badge of honor - something to be proud of but would it sound quite as amusing if they said "I eat too much chocolate"? I would probably add "and that's why I'm fat".

The only part I felt was a bit lenient was the temptation - removing all temptation.  She talked of her husband changing his favorite biscuit to one that she didn't like thus removing the temptation. I would take a hard line approach on that - others shouldn't have to change what they eat just because it might tempt me. This is where my chimp book comes in handy - the chimp wants instant gratification and if you can remember that then you can just not eat things that others are merrily chomping away on.

I will certainly be using this as a reference book and keeping it handy at all times. I enjoyed it immensely and was very excited that someone was talking my language.  I would highly recommend it if you struggle to eat well for a sustained period. I guarantee you will be nodding in agreement whilst turning the pages.

So it you want a 'treat' this Christmas I would highly recommend this book.

I asked for a free copy of this book to review on my blog. I did not receive payment and the views expressed are my own and are always honest.